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Father Joe Waters

I’m Being Asked to Participate in a Project that Promotes Themes which are Against Church Teaching. What Should I do?

May 4, 2023

QUESTION: I am a devout Catholic who deeply loves our Lord Jesus Christ. I strive to live in a way that I love all my neighbors and value everyone’s human dignity. However, I’m struggling at work because I was asked to create content for a project which directly promotes and celebrates gender ideology which is against the Church’s teaching. I love my job, but I’m concerned I will commit a mortal sin if I participate in this project. Father Joe, what options do I have?

ANSWER: I think Catholics are facing this kind of dilemma more often. Too often, Catholics are called upon to treat what we believe are vices as if they were virtues. If it is not gender ideology, it is another morally problematic position confronting us. Our Catholic values are not in vogue and are often disregarded or vilified in an increasingly secular culture.

The simple answer to your question is that you are obligated to obey your conscience. To do otherwise would be objectively sinful. The subjective culpability and gravity of ignoring your conscience are for you to discuss with a priest at confession. .

It would be best to look for a way around the dilemma that allows you to continue working but not be complicit with sinful actions or promote erroneous ideas that lead others to sin. It will not be easy to distinguish what your employer is asking from the morally objectionable positions the project is celebrating without violating your conscience.

Therefore, your conscience will likely lead you to charitably express your objections without an assault on persons or groups. Then, you must accept the consequences. Perhaps your employer is wrestling with similar feelings of conscience or at least will be sympathetic to your good faith expression of objections based on your conscience. Hopefully, you will be able to serve the business’ interests differently and not participate in this objectional project. If not, you will likely encounter similar dilemmas if you continue to work with this employer. Eventually, you will be looking for a new job, so now is probably a good time to evaluate whether there is a workplace more aligned with your values.

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