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St. Vincent De Paul Seminary Announces 12 Seminarians to Be Ordained to the Priesthood

With praise and gratitude to Almighty God, St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary joyfully announces the upcoming ordinations of 12 seminarians to the Priesthood. The ordination ceremonies will be held in their respective dioceses throughout the upcoming months. SVDP’s Rector and President, Very Rev. Alfredo I. Hernández expressed the joy of the community saying, “At a moment when we so much need the gift of hope, these ordinations, of men who long to be bearers of hope, is an amazing grace for the local Churches these men will serve and for us at the seminary.”

The men to be ordained as priests are the following: for the Archdiocese of Miami – Deacons César Betancourt, Agustín Estrada, Enzo Rosario-Prendes; for the Diocese of Palm Beach – Deacons Daniel Donohue and Armando León; for the Diocese of St. Petersburg – Deacons Donald Amodeo II and Zachary Brasseur; for the Diocese of Orlando – Deacons Zachary Gray and Joseph Tran; for the Diocese of Charleston – Deacon Christopher Loester; for the Diocese of Venice – Deacon David Portorreal and for the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus Christ – Brother Luis Daniel Güivas.

As priests, these men will shepherd the faithful and celebrate the Mass and the sacraments. They will preach the Good News of our salvation and faith to all.

For additional information and photographs to be added as the ordinations happen, please go to We invite you to keep them in your prayers.

St. Vincent de Paul Seminary is located in Boynton Beach, FL and is an ATS-accredited school. It currently has a student population of over 113 seminarians. Since its foundation in 1963 it has formed over 670 priests who have gone on to serve in parishes across the state, the Southeast, and parts of the Caribbean. St. Vincent de Paul Seminary degrees include a Master of Divinity, a Master of Arts (Theological Studies), and a Master of Arts (Philosophical Studies for Missionary Discipleship). SVDP is the only fully bilingual, multi-cultural theologate in the United States.