Click on the image below to read the fourth issue of Gulf Coast Catholic Magazine that was mailed into homes in May of 2024. Click here to view prior magazines.

Summer 2024 Cover

Frequently Asked Questions About Gulf Coast Catholic Magazine

Who receives Gulf Coast Catholic Magazine and is there a subscription cost? The Diocese of St. Petersburg sends a magazine to all registered households four times a year. Currently, we have approximately 100,000 registered households in Citrus, Hernando, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties. This magazine is free of charge, no subscription is required. 

What is the mission of Gulf Coast Catholic? Our mission is to lead people closer to Jesus and His Church, teach the Catholic faith, and unite our community, so together, we can Courageously Live the Gospel. 

How will the magazine be funded? The funding model has three main components. First, parishes, schools, and ministries are invited to partner with us on this mission. Also, we are asking businesses and organizations to partner with us by advertising in our publication. (View our media kit here.) To learn about advertising opportunities, contact: Advertisers will benefit by reaching our Catholic population with announcements about products, services and events that readers may find helpful. We are also funded by an annual reader appeal that will give faithful Catholics an opportunity to support this ministry of evangelization and discipleship. We also hope to obtain evangelization grants in support of this ministry. 

How will this magazine reach young people who are online frequently? According to the Magazine Media Factbook (2022), 88% of U.S. adults read a magazine in the last six months, including 88% of adults under 25. This suggests that Gulf Coast Catholic could be appealing to young people. Also, interesting to note is that research shows that magazines are more trustworthy, inspiring, and fulfilling than websites or TV. Also, we have an e-version of the magazine. Click here to view the premier issue. We have this website that can be accessed by young people (and everyone) and the e-newsletter that can be received via email or text message. We also started @GulfCoastCatholic on Instagram in September of 2023. 

How much content is local and how comes from national/international sources? We are partnering with Faith Catholic, the largest publisher of Catholic magazines in the country. However, we maintain full local control of the content and local stories will be a priority. We share local stories that highlight how God is touching the lives of people in our community. There are also stories that highlight the universal Church and how Pope Francis and Bishop Gregory Parkes, and other faith leaders are proclaiming the Gospel in their lives and ministries. We also feature columns written by national experts on parenting, relationships, marriage and theology. 

If you have questions about Gulf Coast Catholic magazine, please contact Teresa Peterson, Executive Director of Communications, Diocese of St. Petersburg,