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Upcoming Retreat Provides Peace and Hope After Abortions

On March 2nd, Project Rachel Ministry, in collaboration with USCCB Foundations of Life Centers, will host a day retreat focusing on the often-unspoken grief and regret of losing a child through abortion.

This retreat will take place at Foundations of Life in Tampa to help women begin their journey towards healing. This retreat is open to all women who have had an abortion and their families.

Project Rachel is a compassionate and confidential ministry for women, men, couples, or other family members who have experienced the tragedy of abortion and is open to all faiths.

“Our hope is that they begin to understand the impact their abortion story had on their wellbeing and their lives,” said Laura Ramos, Director of Pregnancy and Adoption Services for Catholic Charities.

Recognizing the deep emotional impact that abortion has, the retreat aims to provide support, forgiveness, hope, and healing.

“We have seen women wanting to understand why they are feeling guilty and regretful after an abortion which can often lead to more serious consequences such as developing maladaptive coping skills and mental health disorders. This is why we have adjusted our approach into a group format that acknowledges each member’s experiences while building a path toward reconciliation,” Ramos continued.

Those seeking personal healing from abortion are encouraged to contact the Project Rachel Ministry. Individual counseling is also available for those who are not ready to speak in a group setting. One-on-one services are offered in Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, and Pinellas County in five different locations.

For more information, to participate in the retreat, or to begin speaking with someone confidentially, call

813-631-4393 or email