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By The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops

Statement on the Transportation of Migrants and Immigration Policy

September 16, 2022 | Reports of Florida involvement in transporting migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard are disconcerting. Any action to transport persons under false pretenses and leave them stranded with no assistance, if this proves to be the case, fails to respect their human dignity and objectifies them.

Immigration is not just a political issue, but a fundamental human and moral issue. For immigrants are not faceless numbers – but human persons. They are our brothers and sisters.

Our broken immigration system is a problem; but immigrants themselves are not “problems.” Immigrants have been good for America, and America has been good for them.

While reasonable people may disagree on how our nation should respond, any effective response demands that we recognize that immigration is more than a “border security” issue but is essentially about our labor markets and the men and women who fill the jobs that continue to make America strong. Justice and prudence demand that we treat them with dignity and find a reasonable way for their contributions and presence to be recognized within the law.