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 | Teresa Peterson

Seven Habits for Inviting People to Mass

Tips to keep in mind before you invite a friend, family member, co-worker or acquaintance to church.

1. Pray Before You Say Anything

Before you extend an invitation, pray for the person by name and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you.

2. Understand a Person’s Heart

What is the person’s mindset or attitude? Understanding their concerns helps you be sensitive to their needs. Offer to pray for someone who is hurting before you invite someone to church with you.

3. Invest in the Relationship

How can you make the other person’s life better? Focusing only on the spiritual life of another person can seem insincere.

4. Be Positive and Joyful

In Romans, 12:12, we read, “Rejoice in hope.” Anticipate a positive response and remember to smile so that your joy will be unmistakable. 

5. Make Eye Contact

In our world today, most interactions are online. When you invite someone to church, let the person know he or she is seen and accepted. 

6. Be Personal and Caring

In 1 Peter, 4:8, we read, “Let your love for one another be intense.” You represent Christ to others. Is your love and concern for others clear to see?

7. Persevere

It’s OK if your invitation is rejected. The timing might not be right. However, continue to pray for this person and seek God’s perfect timing for the next opportunity.