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 | Brittany DeHaan

New Film about the Eucharist Features a Local Religious Sister

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Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist is a new movie to be released in theaters that documents how lives have been powerfully transformed by the Holy Eucharist.

Sister Briege McKenna, who previously taught at St. Lawrence Catholic School, in Tampa, is one of the narrators and one of the featured interviews. Sister Briege, who is originally from Ireland, spent many years suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She transferred to Tampa, Florida in hopes that the change in weather would help. When she was twenty-four, she was miraculously and instantaneously healed during the celebration of the Eucharist and later received the gift of healing for which she is widely known.

The film is set to be released June 4, 5, and 6, 2024. Spanish subtitles will be included in the June 6th showing. To view a trailer, click here. For details on the film, including locations, read more at this link.

Sister Briege was included in this project because she is well-known in her worldwide ministry and because she has seen miracles and conversions because of the Eucharist.

“Media is one way to get people’s attention especially through the mass media of a movie. I’m praying it will generate a love and knowledge of what the Eucharist is and will generate love and enthusiasm for the Blessed Sacrament,” said Sister Briege during a phone interview with Gulf Coast Catholic.

Impactful for both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, the film emphasizes how the Eucharist is not simply symbolic, but the real presence of Jesus Christ who thirsts for our souls and desires to quench our spiritual thirst.

Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Father Donald Calloway, M.I.C., Dr. Scott Hahn, Curtis Martin, and Chris Stefanick are other dynamic Catholics featured in the film.

Recent Catholic movies such as Cabrini (2024) and Mother Teresa: No Greater Love (2022) have led to wide publicity among both Catholics and non-believers, prompting those involved with this film to hope for similar results.

“People who go to the movie may have curiosity to come to find out what Catholics believe,” added Sister Briege.

Presenting the Church’s authentic and true teachings on the Eucharist has the potential to inspire not only Catholics and Christians, but anyone who has ever been curious about the faith.

 “It will be the greatest grace you could receive. Go, because it will give you a new appreciation for the Holy Eucharist,” said Sister Briege.