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 | By Keishla Espinal

A New Chapter for the Catholic Bulls

August 21, 2023 | “I’m confident what God wants us to do here is evangelize the campus and form the next generations of Catholics,” said Brother Ray Morris, a brother from Brotherhood of Hope and Campus Minister at USF. “God wants to do so much in young people’s lives, and all they have to do is say yes and to give God the opportunity to work.”

This year the Catholic Student Center at the University of South Florida and the Diocese of St. Petersburg are excited to welcome the Brotherhood of Hope to their campus. After a few years of coordination, things are underway.

Brother Morris stated, “I am excited to begin my first year here. My goal is to support the great campus ministry at the student center and have their goals be my own.”

The Brotherhood of Hope mission is to evangelize, reach the lost, and help form lifelong disciples. 

“Being on this campus gives us the opportunity to bring our mission and our passion to the local Church here,” said Brother Morris. 

Brother Morris understands the impact that campus ministry can have on the formation of college students, and that fuels his passion to do the same for others. 

“Personally, I was impacted by the campus ministry that the brothers ran at Rutgers University;they were instrumental in bringing me to know Christ more,” said Brother Morris. “That fuels me to do the same for others.”

Brother Morris wants students to remember that it is never too late to find a community and spiritual home. 

“There can be a lot challenging a young person’s faith in a college or university, but having a campus ministry like the Catholic Student Center offers a spiritual home and an opportunity for deeper faith. There are so many opportunities to get involved.”

On Sunday, August 20, 2023, the Catholic Student Center at the University of South Florida had their annual Red Mass, celebrated by Bishop Gregory Parkes, and concelebrated by Father Kyle Bell, Director of the Catholic Student Center. 

During the Mass, the student leadership team received a blessing and commissioning to prepare them for their role in the upcoming academic year.

“As Catholics, we call upon the Holy Spirit to guide our discernment and decision-making throughout our lives,” said Father Bell. “It is important to entrust the semester and the academic year to the Holy Spirit right at the start, to invoke His blessings, and his providential guidance in all we do.” 

Miggy Sumagang, President for the Catholic Student Center, stated, “Everyone is in need of community; everyone desires community. Whether it be your family, your friends, or those in your dorms, what’s more important is that those around you are grounded in Christ, and they will call you higher. You’ll find that here at the Catholic Student Center.”

You can learn more about the Catholic Student Center by clicking on this link or following them on social media.


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The Catholic Student Center at the University of South Florida is a mission of the Diocese of St. Petersburg.  Its efforts to evangelize the campus and to form the next generation of Catholics is supported by their generous mission sponsors, and in part by the Catholic Ministry Appeal.

About Brotherhood of Hope

Founded in 1980, The Brotherhood of Hope is a community of Catholic Brothers who live together, pray together and serve together, under the inspiration of our founding charism that Jesus Christ is All-Sufficient. Our primary mission is to evangelize students on secular college campuses. Summoned by Catholic leaders, the Brothers are blazing the way for this generation to renew the Church.

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USF Red Mass 2023