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Milestone Reached by Catholic Ministry Appeal

May 8, 2023 | In January, the Diocese of St. Petersburg launched the 2023 Catholic Ministry Appeal to support diocesan efforts to Courageously Live the Gospel. With an $8.5 million goal, this year’s appeal will provide direct support to ministries such as our local Catholic Charities Ministries of Mercy, Catholic Schools and Centers, seminarian education and formation, youth and young adult programs, and many more.

All 79 parishes and missions of our diocese strive to achieve their individual goals, which total the overall goal for the Diocese. The hope is for all parishes to reach and exceed their goals, so our ministries and services may grow to meet the expressed needs of individuals and faith communities.

Parish leaders have spent months planning, and their efforts are making a huge impact as parishioners continue learning about the Catholic Ministry Appeal and the ministries it supports. Thanks to their efforts, several parishes have already hit their goals: Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle, Prince of Peace Parish, St. Patrick Parish in Tampa, and St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church.

Fr. Tim Cummings, first year pastor at Prince of Peace, attributes his parish’s success to the community working, praying and sacrificing together to achieve goal. “It was truly a team effort,” said Fr. Tim. “The Diocese of St. Petersburg, the Prince of Peace Community and the other parishes across the Diocese working together as a unified team.”

At the Cathedral of St. Jude the Apostle, the youngest parishioners were also involved. Cathedral School students ran a penny drive in support of the Catholic Ministry Appeal. Maria DeMarsh, Assistant Principal of the Cathedral School, shared why they wanted students to be involved this year: “With our students collecting and donating to the Catholic Ministry Appeal, it allows them to understand the ministries involved in our diocese. They have a sense of community, and a positive outlook on the greater sense and work of the Lord.”

Across the Diocese, nearly $6 million has been committed thanks to more than 15,000 families who have made a commitment online, in the mail or at their parishes. These gifts will fund efforts that nurture spiritual life, embrace God’s call to serve and accompany missionary disciples.

To learn more about the Catholic Ministry Appeal and the incredible Catholic ministries it supports, visit