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“I Cried Out to God to Please Save My Baby” – A Story of Abortion Pill Reversal

By Katie Camario

“I Cried Out to God to Please Save My Baby” – A Story of Abortion Pill Reversal

Serenity and grace are two things Kayla credits for saving the life of her new baby girl.

“The Serenity Prayer is constantly teaching me to accept things I cannot change, have courage to change things that I can, and have wisdom to know the difference. Despite my shortcomings and failures, God's grace is sufficient,” said Kayla.

In 2020, the mother of two discovered she was pregnant with her third child and sadly, she considered having an abortion.

“I was in a very uncertain place, in a sense, and I had this big decision to make. I had all my reasons why, and I decided I didn't want to go through with it,” said Kayla.

At an abortion facility she was administered the first pill in a series to induce a chemical abortion. The chemical or “abortion pill” procedure a is a two-part, two-day process.

Although Kayla took the first abortion pill at a facility, she was alone when it came time to continue with the abortion and felt a great sense of regret. God was calling her to keep her child and she was desperate to save the life of her baby.

“I just cried and held my stomach. I cried out to God to please save my baby,” said Kayla.

Through an online search, she learned about the successes of the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol or APR. It’s a way to counter the first abortion pill using a decades-old treatment utilized to prevent miscarriages by prescribing women progesterone.

“There’s hope. Taking that first abortion pill doesn't mean you have to continue the abortion. It's definitely possible and probable to save the pregnancy,” said Angela Bumpus, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at LifeChoices Family Medical Clinic in Lutz, Florida.

The clinic is part of a network of pregnancy rescue providers across the country, on call 24/7. Through a helpline, women are connected to local providers who start them on the APR process. The care continues with months of doctor visits to assess both mom and baby’s health.

Robyn Palmeri, a sonographer at LifeChoices Family Medical was the first to show Kayla images of her baby.

“For most women, when they come to my ultrasound room it’s the first time they see a live image of their baby and hear the heartbeat,” said Palmeri.  “When I showed Kayla her baby she was elated. She asked if the baby was OK and when I told her the baby was OK, she was happy and peaceful.”

Serenity Grace was born in January 2021.

“I had a happy, healthy, perfect baby girl. It works; the proof is in the pudding. God was with me every step of the way. If God hadn't stepped in and moved my heart to change my mind, my baby wouldn't be here today, because I would have followed right through with my decision. She’s a blessing to our family, we’re just so grateful to have her. And so grateful that He's a giver of life,” said Kayla.

If you or someone you know has taken the first dose of the abortion pill and regret your decision and wish you could reverse the effects of the abortion pill, call the 24/7 helpline, (877) 558-0333.

The helpline will connect you with a medical professional who can guide you towards reversing the effects of the abortion pill and will help you every step of the way.

To learn more about the abortion pill reversal visit: and to learn more about the medical services offered at LifeChoices Family Medical visit:


Recently the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) denounced a decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to eliminate the requirement of an in-person visit for dispensation of the abortion pill. Now, women can receive the drug dispensed by clinics, medical offices, and hospitals using online pharmacies or drug delivery services, with no in-person visit required.

“Not only does this decision further the tragic taking of unborn lives but it does little to care for the well-being of women in need. Far from the accompaniment that women in crisis pregnancies deserve, this decision would leave women alone in the midst of trauma, often without any medical attention or follow up care,” said Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore, chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life Activities.

To read the full USCCB statement on the FDA’s decision visit:

LifeChoices Family Medical is a nonprofit 501c3 founded in 2009 that was birthed from a pregnancy resource center called the Lutz – Land O Lakes Pregnancy Center. It began as a joint effort between churches, including Catholic churches, in Northern Hillsborough and Central Pasco Counties. To learn more visit,