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Free, Confidential and Non-Judgmental Support for Women

The mission of Foundations of Life is to help women and babies thrive instead of becoming victims of the abortion industry.

Caption: Liliana Gimenez, pictured left, alongside Foundations of Life team leaders from Pasco, Hernando and Pinellas counties.


September 6, 2022 | Over 230 women walk through the doors of the Foundations of Life Pregnancy Center in Tampa each month seeking assistance following a suspected or confirmed pregnancy. 

“We offer free pregnancy tests and free limited ultrasounds up to 13 weeks. We're nondiagnostic so that means that we do ultrasounds to check for viability of the pregnancy, to find out whether there is actually a baby, and whether the baby has a heartbeat,” said center manager, Liliana Gimenez.  

Foundations of Life is one of four pregnancy centers in the Tampa Bay area run by Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg. Teams of professionals at the centers are dedicated to offering free, confidential, and nonjudgmental support to women of all ages who are facing unplanned pregnancies. 

Gimenez says the mission is to help women and their babies thrive instead of becoming victims of the abortion industry.

“We are very pro-woman and pro-child. All the people that work here are,” said Gimenez. “We want to help the mothers become self-sufficient. We’re here to support women throughout their pregnancy and beyond.” 

That support includes providing mothers with an array of assistance including parenting education, community resources, medical referrals, mentoring, maternity and infant supplies up to 24 months, and translation services. There is even a program to help mothers who are grappling with financial insecurities. 

“Just because they’re struggling financially, doesn't mean they must have an abortion. That cannot be a determining factor,” said Gimenez. “Whatever their struggle, whether it's financial, emotional, whether the boyfriend or husband left her, whether she has a six-month old baby at home, and she's pregnant again, we can help, we're here for you.” 

The Center strives to provide women with numerous life-supporting choices, and should an expecting mother decide she is not ready or able to parent, the Center also offers adoption services. Women can choose between open, closed, or semi-open adoptions and select the adoptive family they feel will love and raise their child.  

“We assist moms and families who choose adoption as a loving option. There is never a shortage of hopeful families waiting to adopt,” said Laura Ramos, Pregnancy & Adoption Services Director Catholic Charities Diocese of St. Petersburg.  

The Center also helps women who have taken the first dose of the abortion pill find emergency support if they are seeking to save their baby through an abortion pill reversal process. 

“We had a client a couple weeks back who came to us because she went to the abortion clinic and they gave her the abortion pill. She was sorry and she didn't want to have an abortion and wanted a reversal. So, we put her in contact with a nurse practitioner,” said Gimenez.  

For those who have chosen abortion and are struggling with the grief and regret, the Center offers support for reconciliation and healing through Project Rachel. It’s a compassionate and confidential ministry which extends God’s unconditional love and forgiveness to women, men, couples, or other family members who have experienced the tragedy of abortion in their lives.  

“When you give sincere hope to those in need, they will listen and give you the opportunity to explain with truth the damage that abortion does to someone’s body, mind and spirit. We will continue to serve all moms in need no matter where they are in their journey, regardless of where that journey takes them. We will walk with them with compassion and love,” said Ramos.

Maternity and infant supplies stockroom where women receive free for supplies for themselves and their babies including formula and diapers.

A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary while pregnant with Jesus is displayed in the welcoming area at the Foundations of Life Center, Tampa.

If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and need assistance in any way, visit the Foundations of Life website to find a location near you in Hillsborough, Hernando, Pasco and Pinellas counties at https://foundationsoflife.org 

Foundations for Life Pregnancy Centers are always in need of volunteers and financial support, to find out how you can help visit: https://foundationsoflife.org/3-ways-to-help/