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 | Sara Johnson | Too Extreme for FL

Extreme and Deceptive Abortion Amendment will be on the November Ballot

Today Florida’s Supreme Court ruled that the deceptive and extreme abortion amendment will appear on the November ballot as Amendment 4.

“Florida Voters be warned: Amendment 4 would enshrine abortion through all trimesters in our state’s constitution and eliminate all laws that even modestly affect abortion including parental consent laws, informed consent laws, and other safety regulations that protect women seeking an abortion. It goes too far for even most people who consider themselves to be pro-choice, creating loopholes that will allow for abortions in the second and third trimesters,” said Sara Johnson, Florida Voters Against Extremism’s Statewide Grassroots Director.

Amendment 4 doesn’t tell voters that it fails to define key terms like “viability” or “patient’s health” – leaving it up to a so-called “healthcare provider” to make all of these critical determinations. That’s how Amendment 4 would allow late-term abortions, when a baby is capable of feeling pain, with no protections for the baby. Then, most outrageously, it doesn’t tell voters that a “healthcare provider” doesn’t have to be an actual medical doctor but could be any person from a long list of health-related fields, even a non-medical employee of an abortion clinic.

These loopholes render meaningless the parts of Amendment 4 that were cleverly worded to look like safeguards. Worse yet, Amendment 4 would prohibit state agencies or the legislature from enacting any laws to protect parents’ rights and provide for informed consent in Florida. In the cases of a minor seeking an abortion, Amendment 4 is written to sound like it protects parental involvement by mentioning that it would allow for parental notification, but what it doesn’t tell voters is that it would actually eliminate Florida’s existing parental consent laws.

“Our campaign will ensure that Florida voters won’t be fooled by the misleading amendment language and ensure that the abortion industry and out of state abortion extremists who have spent nearly $20 million on their campaign so far won’t succeed in their eMorts to enact one of the most extreme abortion amendment proposals in America,” said Sara Johnson.

Florida voters looking for more information or ways they can help defeat Amendment 4 should visit