By Keishla Espinal

A Club for Little Saints

Caption: A student from St. Lawrence Catholic School tries on the mitre that she made during All Saints Club. Photo by Lauren Pieper

Katie Plascencia is part of a mom’s ministry at St. Lawrence Catholic School that meets weekly for Scripture study and faith sharing. One day, her daughter Claire, age 8, asked, “Why aren’t there any clubs for kids to learn more about God and Pray?”

Katie took that as a sign that she needed to take action. So, working with her daughter, the two planned what would become the All Saints Club at St. Lawrence Catholic School, where Claire is in 3rd grade.

The group of 70 students ranging from grades 1-5, meet monthly to learn about the life of a saint. They start with prayer, share special announcements, watch an educational video and end with a craft-related activity.

In honor of Pope Saint John Paull II who was the topic of their October meeting, the students created mitres, a type of hat worn by bishops and popes during liturgical celebrations. The students learned about Pope Saint John Paul II, how he was passionate about life, loved sports, and the beauty of the outdoors.

“I want the kids to see that religion connects to everyday life,” said Katie, who also attended St. Lawrence Catholic School, along with her siblings and her husband. Katie and Claire had a few great role models to follow as they developed their idea for the club.

Katie’s mom used to teach at the school and her mother-in-law was a substitute teacher. Her dad was president of the parent’s club and her in-laws were a part of the welcome committee. Katie’s dad also started a basketball league at the school.

Now Katie is sharing her gifts and talents with students to help them get excited to learn about different saints.

“The more you can make your Catholic faith about your everyday life, the more it’s going to be something that sticks with you,” said Katie.

Learning about the saints can help young people grow in their knowledge and practice of the faith. Claire’s favorite saint is St. Therese of Lisieux, the patron saint of missions and florists. Claire stated the reason that St. Therese is her favorite saint is because, “she shows us that when you do something kind, it can spread to everyone.”

“On Oct 6, 2022, All Saints Club gathered to learn about Pope Saint John Paul II. They made mitres, a type of hat worn by bishops and popes during liturgical celebrations Photos by Keishla Espinal”

All Saints Club participant colors a picture of Pope Saint John Paul II during their monthly meeting.

Katie Plascencia leads All Saints Club at St. Lawrence Catholic School.

An All Saints Club volunteer and her two children.

All Saints Club participants with their handmade mitres.