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Building a Society of Truth and Love

The 2022 Election season is here with early voting already underway in Florida. Before voting, Catholics are called to consider a wide range of issues, weighing each according to its moral importance. Becoming familiar with candidates' positions on issues involving human life and dignity is essential to responsible, faithful citizenship. It is beneficial to research the ballot ahead of time and gather the facts for every proposal and race. 

The Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops has created a Voter Guide to assist voters in evaluating candidate positions or political party platforms. The Guide provides information about Catholic teaching, offers considerations on key topics, and poses questions regarding current issues.

The Voter Guide is available in English and Spanish

Click here for additional resources and guidelines for voters and parishes.

Important Dates to Note


Primary Election Day - Tuesday, August 23

• Early voting began in some counties as early as August 8 and is available in all counties starting Saturday, August 13. 

General Election Day - Tuesday, November 8

• The deadline to register to vote in the general election is October 11. Early voting begins in some counties as early as October 24 and is available in all counties starting October 29. 

Check with your supervisor of elections for voting times and locations in your county.