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4 Reasons to Vote No on Amendment 4

A new video featuring Bishop Gregory Parkes seeks to educate Catholics about a dangerous proposal on the November ballot in Florida that will erase pro-life protections.


Catholic dioceses across Florida are uniting to educate Catholics about Amendment 4, a misleading and dangerous proposal that would enshrine unregulated abortion in Florida. Here are four reasons to vote NO on Amendment four.

  1. Amendment Four puts women at risk. It jeopardizes existing laws and prohibits new health and safety laws that protect women.
  2. Amendment Four eliminates Parental Consent. While preserving parental notification, the amendment would invalidate the current law that requires parental consent for a minor to have an abortion, making abortion the only medical decision for which parents have no say.
  3. Amendment Four allows for late term abortions. Viability is not defined in the amendment but it’s generally accepted to be about six months of pregnancy. Also, a health loophole in the amendment would allow for extremely late-term abortions, when a child could survive outside the womb.
  4. Amendment Four weakens medical doctor requirements. Some employees of abortion clinics, such as nurses and counselors could approve late term abortions, even though they are not doctors.

Please pray for women and their unborn children and please vote NO on Amendment four. To learn more, visit